Sunday, 4 November 2012

Bettortrader LIVE Melbourne Cup Special

WOW! For the first time ever, we will cover from Race 1 all the way through until at least the cup race - LIVE! That's at least ***5HRS***! Every race, every indication, every available profit made and - free for ALL members! Grab your nibblies, pre-make your lunch and be sure not to a miss a minute of it.

First race starts at 10.20AM AEDT. Don't miss the early races which have proven to be the most profitable in the years gone by. Don't underestimate Bettortraders ability to pick up a nice result in the Melbourne Cup itself either.

Over the years that we have seen indications to act on, we have done very nicely. Shocking and Mourilyan 1st and 3rd, Efficient 1st, Delta Blues and Maybe Better 1st and 3rd, Makybe Diva 1st and three of the Melbourne Cup markets since 2005 had not one indication to act on.

We have done every year from 2005 until now - that 4 winners from 7 races with one loss out of 5 that showed qualifying indications. Not a bad result ;)

"It may be a tough gig running this webinar on such a huge day but I'm more than ready to take it on. I make no promises as to how good it will be of course. It's the biggest recreational day of the year afterall and a much different day to any other. Let's be nice and relaxed and have a great day regardless. It's going to be a lot of fun. See you all tomorrow." ~ Kevin Riddell.

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Melbourne Cup 2009 - Shocking and Mourilyan with easy indications ;)

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