Sunday, 4 November 2012

November Newsletter

General rant 

With so many changes of late, so many great results, the typically profitable Spring racing well under way and... a super exciting new software release to come out shortly, a catch up is more than needed to bring everyone up to speed.
Many know of the trials we have had in recent years and while I won’t harp on too much, it has been a very difficult couple of years for the business and an extremely stressful time for myself and Bec. In July, I was forced to make some drastic decisions, one of which was to perhaps shut down the company. That would not have been good news for all concerned.

A monthly $27.50 Support Fee was put in place on the 31st August to pay for the webinars, ongoing technical support and most importantly, access to the new software when it arrives. Software access is still available to those who do not wish to take part in these changes which also means, no webinars and no access to the brand new software when it arrives.

The new software will sell for $5900 upfront or $550 per month on subscription. All webinars are usually charged at $33 minimum. Training everyone to use the brand new software will also be incredibly time consuming and a significant drain on resources so the $27.50 is going to provide unbelievable value to all members who take it up before the release. After the release, it will be available to all members at the reduced rate of $2200 up front only.


The webinars have really picked up again and with a world of stress taken off my shoulders with the new business structure and investment to make the new software a reality, the general feedback is that “Kevin is back” and I couldn’t agree more. I urge you all to get in for some of the webinars. They are considered by most to be paramount to their success and without them many would not have reached the levels that they have. If you aren't sure if you should be attending, please watch some of the recent webinar recordings to see what you're missing.

I can see who attends the webinars and who doesn’t. There are many of you who just have to be there but seem to never attend. You owe it to yourself to do all you can to learn. The Skype Group Chats are another place to really get involved especially over the next two months. For the life of me I still cannot believe some of you paid money for this and never spend the time learning how to do it all properly. It's simple - those who learn properly by doing their training, make money. Those who do not, usually don't.

You are your own boss of course and one person recently said to me “we’re all big boys” and while that may be true, there seem to plenty of big boys who carry on like little boys and disregard any advice given or any offer to help.

As the owner, designer and 10yr LIVE trader in this market and 12yrs analyzing it, I do happen to know a thing or two about making money from it. Bettortrader is not just about a software program. It carries with it, a particular approach and many signals that help us make decisions for or against certain selections and races. The best way to acquire this knowledge is to be involved in webinars and do training until you feel comfortable.

To try and go it alone is like trying to relive my 12yrs experience and go through all the trial and error that I did. You are testing, trying out all manner of different techniques with no basis for much of it and this will lead to doubt, confusion and a short lived relationship with Bettortrader due to early losses and giving up on it sometimes after just one week in some cases. If you are going to do it alone, give yourself at least 12mths to evaluate and of course, that means some passion and unbridled dedication which most people don’t have. If you do have that tenacity, it may be months or more before you decide to ask for help, in the meantime suffering avoidable losses which is wasting time and money.

Some who are coming on board recently are seasoned punters who are applying their own previously acquired knowledge and looking at Bettortrader to support their form based selections. Let’s get this as clear as possible – I know that detailed form analysis works for some people but when it comes to Bettortrader, especially in your early days, you need to burn the form guide and open your mind to learn of other possibilities and approaches.

Typically, traditional thinking and common belief in this market is what leads people to the most losses. It is that common belief that we understand and actually invest against – contrarian investing – against the crowd. Most of the selections we pick up haven’t got the slightest hint or performing well in their form.

The new subscription based payment options have been up on the website since the 31st August and have been received quite well by prospects. There have been a few lessons learned though, particularly with regard to the ‘Software Only’ option. Too many have taken that option just because it is more affordable and is a cheaper option in order to evaluate the software. The big problem here is that without the knowledge on how to use it i.e. know what indications work, what money management works etc, a valid evaluation cannot possibly be done nor can the results of one be relied upon.  To find out more about the new packages, please click the button below. 


The following has been taken from a recent Group Chat conversation. You need to log in to Skype to get it though and many don’t or have lost their login details and thus really have no Skype at all. It is an integral part of our business and the first way to share information and contact us here. It is highly recommended to check back over recent comments in the chat for important discussions and notices.
[1/10/2012 12:18:12 PM] Bettortrader Admin: ATTENTION ALL MEMBERS: I am having many doubts regarding the software only subscription for $198. The only two that have taken it up have given up in their first 2 weeks. They have not had any training, webinars or any support whatsoever and from the logs on the website, have watched very few webinars.
I do not feel that anyone can go this alone, regardless of experience and two weeks of trying to self teach is like a speck of dust compared to the trial and error I have gone through to get this thing right.
Does anyone have any suggestions? Should I make it necessary for all members to 3mths then be able to subscribe to the software only? Spending $198 a month and never work it out is a waste of time and money and does nothing for the business. We need good advocates over constant sales.
I would rather have 20 happy subscribers who are happy to continue on than 100 sales at $198 per month who all drop off because they have no idea what works in terms of approach.
The new user should be looking at every runner from the bottom up, indentifying home tote moves first, checking money behind colour, looking for separation in the market from top to bottom, taking two only if paying around $3 for the place etc.. if they don’t fully get that, then one on one training will sort that, not following others who may or may not have the experience necessary to warrant following them. In other words and this is quite significant, many who use the chats are in fact newbies to some degree. Long term members often don’t use it because they have read it all before and find the chats distracting and tedious. Some lurk in the shadows and never say a word. I've had some get up me for expecting them to take part. The chats shouldn't be a place to follow selections. We should excel at what we do and be leaders in our chosen field. Following people on here can be like following tips in a way.
[2/10/2012 12:13:04 PM] Kevin Riddell: I want to be the one that spots the first indication
[2/10/2012 12:13:37 PM] Kevin Riddell: it’s like some want to see more colours late to back up early 10min moves... I don’t need the crowd to tell me that first move was worth following
[2/10/2012 12:17:04 PM] Kevin Riddell: I try and maintain a solid approach to the market, rarely drifting off course and when I do drift off, I know it fairly quickly.. I learned this the long slow way. I never had a teacher... I had an idea. I went through all the ups and downs and most of those ups and downs come from fear - 'the last 2 didn’t work so I won’t do it anymore to save my money' state of mind. One rough week or even one rough whole month does not mean we should change our approach but many do it several times throughout a day. You have to be 110% consistent with the approach. You can’t do something in one race and then not do the exact same thing in the next race.
[2/10/2012 12:17:38 PM] Kevin Riddell: ...the results will not be measurable
[2/10/2012 12:19:30 PM] Kevin Riddell: a basketballer or any sports person, refine their approach so that their results are measurable but first they have to work out what works the best which means lots of trial and error. The amount of trial and error one goes through will be greatly reduced with a coach and practice.
[2/10/2012 12:21:18 PM] Kevin Riddell: jumping the wrong way, running with a skewed gate, throwing a ball the wrong way,,, all these things can lead to poor results and injury. A coach observes and offers correction to save both from happening.
[2/10/2012 12:28:37 PM | Edited 12:29:18 PM] Kevin Riddell: Some are naturals and will need very little correcting but will benefit from initial guidance and observation along the way. Some others will need more detailed help and much more correcting because they may not be as 'natural'. Same goes for kids in class. Some are ready to take on anything and others are in dire need of one on one help after class. Some go on to study at uni... say law for instance. Probably less than 1% will go on to be $10,000 a day barristers, the majority will find themselves a more than satisfactory job or start their own practice and some others will find themself doing new home buyer stuff working from home struggling to stay on top. So while study is very important, it is still no guarantee of success but not studying will just about guarantee failure.

Refer a friend
Refer a friend to Bettortrader who purchases either the 3mth Fast Track package or the upfront Premium Lifetime Package and you will receive the following:
Fast Track Pack – Choose either 3 months Bettordata valued at $195 or 1month ‘Software Only’ valued at $198 - absolutely free!
Premium Lifetime Package – We’ll send you a cheque for $500! Use it to help boost your bank or whatever else your heart desires.
I will endeavour to make this at least a Monthly newsletter but don’t hold me to it while busy overseeing the new software development. I will do my best but at least expect one a fortnight. I also hope to see some of you get back into it all for Spring. It’s been extremely rewarding so far and those not trained up or are yet to get into the season are missing out.

Group Chat

I think it appropriate in light of recent discussion on Skype, to remind people of the chat guidelines. Bettortrader is a serious tool used by most to generate income. It is not aimed at being a hobby punting tool or the like. Quite often, such traditional thinking will lead to losses and confusion due to there being no basis for making a selection based on form, that is highlighted on Bettortrader and vice versa.
Most members see that our methods actually take advantage of traditional thinking and we work against the crowd... in other words, we don’t believe that the majority are correct in their analysis. That isn’t to do with gut feeling – it’s straight up math. The statistics tell us that every punter loses money hand over fist. Statistics tell us the strike rate of favourites and their subsequent return on investment leads to a guaranteed loss... and who creates the market order? The majority.

When comments are made in the chat about selections that have made off guesswork, form analysis of some sort, stable gossip, tips from friends, freshly sharpened darts or even Ouija boards, it leads to confusion particularly amongst new members who know not one single thing about racing, leads many to believe that may need to know that information and in short creates doubt in Bettortrader and doubt in their ability to learn all that everyone is talking about.

I would like to kindly ask that references to selections be focused on those we consider part of the Bettortrader approach and strategies or ones you have formulated based on monitoring the markets with it.  That way, the results are easy to understand, the methods can easily be explained to other members and we don’t lose subscribers who are here to treat it like a business and learn and unemotional approach to making money from this without thinking they might turn into every day punters and start reading form guides and learn how to handicap etc etc.

I would also like to ask that people be patient and have respect for the group. One particular recent incident was absolutely appalling and I would hate to think that woman and children may have read the comments. The attack was completely baseless, way off target and could have been easily resolved without abuse being hurled. 

The conditions of the group chat are simple and common sense. Please do your best to stay within these guidelines. Anyone who is removed from the chat in future for rude, abusive or racial slur will not be added back. On that note, I also remind everyone that the chats are an added bonus rather than a necessity and we must manage the chat in favour of the majority who are here to learn and share what they have learned.


We were promised investment for development which was to come through on the 31st August. The main person fell through on their promise and we now have a half built software waiting to be finished. We are desperately trying to get the job completed but it seems the release will not be until early next year. We had of course hoped to see the release by late October which wasn’t to be.

Spring Carnival

It’s been a wonderful couple of months aside from the trauma in the business during July and August. That being said, Bettortrader has performed above expectation and made for plenty of opportunity and lots of great feedback. If you haven’t done enough training though, you may be missing out on all the action. One month of introductory training may be enough for some but not most.
There is only one stick with which you can measure your performance and understanding and that is your bottom line. Does it look good? If yes, then go back to as you were. If the answer is no, you need help. If you don’t ask for it though, you probably won’t get it. Anyone who has not made money so far this Spring for instance, should be putting their hand up, especially if you have only had a handful of training sessions.
It’s just 24hrs until the Melbourne Cup. It will be one massive day and a huge week either side. I am thinking about running a special Melbourne Cup webinar. It's a fairly hectic day but I'd like to do it. I would like anyone interested in me doing so to express such so I can get an idea of numbers.
Local members and anyone within a drive or easy flight is welcome to come for a luncheon at our property, sit in on the webinar and watch the races on the big screen with champas and nibbles.

Well that’s it for now folks. I look forward to seeing more of you in the webinars and training. Best of luck over the Melbourne Cup Carnival and feel free to ask if you need any assistance at all.

Kind regards,

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