Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Melbourne Cup Day video, results and recap

We did it again!

Another year gone and another massive result for us and our Bettortrader customers. This year we tried something somewhat different for us. Webinars are nothing new for Bettortrader. We have run them since 2009, with Weekly Review during mid week to go over the week prior which is great training for all and then we run Bettortraders' Saturday Live each Saturday afternoon. The focus of the latter is to help out customers make money - LIVE. There isn't much in the way of detailed explanation because there's no time for it. Saturdays are all about making money.

We've done extremely well on Melbourne Cup Day over the past 7yrs so this year, it was decided that we would treat the Bettortrader members to an all day Melbourne Cup special. We started at 10am because over the years, the early races have been very profitable for us and we didn't want to miss out on any early opportunities if they were to arise. Well, they didn't arise this year.

Such clear indications. Bettortrader shows the way ;)
By 2pm, it felt like maybe the webinar wasn't such a great idea. I focused on Flemington and Sydney for the day as I had a few people in the office and needed the breathing room but many had done quite well from other meetings - much better than I was positioned in the webinar. By 2:30pm, I resigned myself to thinking that the day was a fizzer and after we watch the Melbourne Cup, we'll leave it there.

So, we wait for the Cup and with 5mins to go, the only move to be seen was on Mourayan which had great indications for us to act on. Then in the last 60secs, up comes another - this time on Green Moon. I took both runners with $10 for the win and $50 for the place and took both of them for a win on Betfair for $20 each matched at $26... I had tried to get matched at $33 and thought I did until I checked my account this morning. In any case, there were really good prices to be had on both runners.

Off they jumped and to be honest, I didn't have a clue what to watch or what was going on but I knew Mourayan was gone. Then in the last few hundred metres BOOM!... here comes Green Moon!! It burst through and won convincingly and needless to say, it turned our day around in a big way. It was so boring early and the markets were quite messy at the earlier races.

I had such high hopes for the day especially since it was the first ever Bettortrader Live webinar on Melbourne Cup Day and in the end, it paid in spades. Not many systems will lay claim to so clearly highlighting Green Moon but yet again, Bettortrader shines through and prevails in Australias biggest race. Just watch the 9min video clip to the right which was taken from the webinar recording.

The pressure was really on and a few made it obvious that they weren't happy that there were no early profits to be had - yes, we get them now and then. It was patience that paid off in the end and I'm so glad I ended up doing the webinar. I can't wait for next year now. Thanks to all who attended of course. I will be doing a recap of it all in the Weekly Review tonight.

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